(2008) for solo piano – 11-14 Minutes

Work Description

Category: Solo Works
Year Composed: 2008
Duration: 11-14 Minutes
Orchestration: solo piano
Notes on score: A1 Format.
Availability: For Sale
First performance:
– 27.12.08 in a Private Concert in Luxembourg, Performed by Catherine Kontz.

Other performances:
– 19.03.09 Cafe Oto, London
– 20.06.09 at Ad Hoc at St Gabriel’s Church, London
– 25.05.11 and 24.01.13 at the Luxembourg House, London

Released on 3” CD ‘Canvas – Catherine Kontz’ by the engraved glass label, September 2009 – performed by Catherine Kontz. (eg.02)

T-Tree for Piano Solo follows in a series of large-format ‘canvas-scores’ which I have written over the last few years. As with Tea Ceremony, Anthill or Cahiers Trouvés, T-Tree explores a graphic type of notation that leaves the player a certain amount of freedom and scope for spontaneity and creativity while still keeping to the idiosyncratic techniques and sounds of the instrument.

On a more personal note, T-Tree was a gift to my father on his 65th birthday and as such, all the material (pitches, rhythms, drawings and other markings) is derived from or alluding to facts and moments from his life. (CK)