SNAKES & LADDERS table-top version

(2018) for 2-8 Players, Ages 6-99 –  10 Minutes

Work Description

Published by: Noutefabrik Category: Graphic, Staged, 2-6 players, Large Ensemble, Vocal, Young Audiences, Young Performers Year Composed: 2018 Duration: circa 10 Minutes Orchestration: 2-8 Performers, any mobile instrument, objects, voice or just using the body to make sound Format: A3 Availability: Enquire Notes on score: This game-score is derived from the classic Snakes and Ladders, a game in which players compete to be the first to reach the end tile. In this musical version, each performer takes on the role of a game-piece, and uses one or more musical instruments (including  voice), object(s), and/or their body to interpret the instructions on the board. Performances First performance: tba