(2014) for Large Ensemble (speaker/airpump (amplified), pf, egtr, bgtr, fl, cl/b cl, hn, tmb, db) – 9 Minutes

Work Description

Commissioned by: Spitalfields Music for Familiar/Unfamiliar at Village Underground
Published by: Noutefabrik
Category: Large Ensemble, Staged, Graphic
Year Composed: 2014
Duration: 9 Minutes
Orchestration: speaker/airpump (amplified), pf, egtr, bgtr, fl, cl/b cl, hn, tmb, db
Availability: Enquire
First performance:
16 June 2014 at Spitalfields Music Festival by Stewart Lee, Tania Chen and the Magnitude Ensemble conducted by Ilan Volkov.
‘Sea Sponges’ aims to create an imaginary unders-sea soundscape depicting the symphonic sibilancy and bombination of currents that sea sponges might be exposed to – if they had the ability to hear. The musical material is made of 8 different ‘sponges’ which gradually get introduced by one of the instruments, then take up by others in form of ‘clones’ or ‘cells’ or ‘Broken off’ paused notes. This piece is to be conducted although it also makes use of stopwatches. Whereas times is relatively free-floating, there are key moments that need to be precicely coordinated.

See video of performance here.