(2016) – for percussion quartet – 7 Minutes

Work Description

Commissioned by: Created during the residency of nu:nord 2016
Written for: Arhitek Percussion Quartet
Published by: Noutefabrik
Category: Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed: 2016
Duration: 7 Minutes
Orchestration: four percussionists
Notes on score:
Availability: Enquire
First performance:
– 5 August 2016 at Huddersfield Creative Arts Building Atrium, as part of nu:nord artists residency programme.
Other performances:
– 7 August 2016 Union Chapel, London
Architek Percussion Quartet:
Ben Duinker, perc
Mark Morton, perc
Ben Reimer, perc
Alessandro Valiante, perc


40 tin boxes filled with granules and spices ranging from tiny poppy seeds and peppercorns to whole nutmegs and cinnamon sticks make this my most fragrant piece yet!