(2014) for mixed choir a cappella – 5 Minutes

Work Description

Commissioned by: European Concert Hall Organisation
Published by: Faber Music
Category: Choral
Year Composed: 2014
Duration: 5 Minutes
Orchestration: mixed choir a cappella
Availability: Enquire
First performance:
– 16.10.2014 Palace of Arts, Budapest

Other performances:
– 22.10.2014 Philharmonie Luxembourg, Luxembourg
09.11.2014 Sage Gateshead, Newcastle
09.11.2014 Cité de la Musique, Paris
09.11.2014 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon


Papillon is scored for mixed voices (SSAATTTBB) and children’s choir. Although originally written for a combination of professional and amateur singers and children’s choir, it may also be performed by professional or amateur choir alone, with a soprano semi-chorus taking the parts of the children’s choir. It requires a minimum of ten voices in total.

The text takes excerpts in French from Si je reviens come je l’espère – Lettres du Front et de l’Arrière 1914-1918 by Marthe, Joseph, Lucien, Marcel Papillon (ed. Grasset & Fasquelle). The professional choir parts voice the following parts: Marthe (sopranos), Marcel (altos and part of the tenors) and Joseph (the other part of the tenors and basses). The children’s choir performs the lines of Lucien and the amateur choir voices the concerns of Mme Papillon, as one group in classic SATB formation.