(2001) for Large Ensemble – 10 Minutes

Work Description

Category: Large Ensemble
Year Composed: 2001
Duration: 10 Minutes
Orchestration: 10-20 players, various ensemble formations possible + tape, speaker
Performances: First performed in June 2001 at Goldsmiths College, Great Hall.
Availability: Enquire

Other performances:
Exhibited as part of am Gallery in 2010

Notes: I wrote this piece about ‘graduation’ in 2001 and it was performed and recorded at Goldsmiths College. It’s about graduating from somehwere and being let loose to go anywhere one likes in the world. The score features ‘streets’ of Luxembourg which lead from my old highschool out of the country and which performers can freely choose unless they follow the instructions given by the GPS lady (something that was very very new in 2001 and now not so avant-garde anymore).