(2018) A sonic walk

Work Description

www.catherinekontz.com/fleet-footing A collaboration with Sarah Grange. Supported by: PRSFoundation’s Women Make Music and the Hinrichsen Foundation Published by: Now For Norbert 2018 Category:  Recording, Opera Happening, Installation, Graphic (Map), Tape Works Year Composed: 2018 Duration: Just under 5 Miles – Count 4-5 hours to complete the entire walk from Hampstead Heath to Blackfriars Bridge (especially when walking in a group) with pauses to listen to the Fleet Footing material (about 45 min). Orchestration: Featuring: Bill Bankes-Jones, voice – Michael Drout, anglo-saxon voice – Juliet Fraser, soprano – Sarah Grange, voice – Tom Jackson, clarinets – Catherine Kontz, voice – piano, waterphone and reed organs – Sibylla Meienberg, voice – Edgar Vaxby, Emmylou Vaxby and Evie Vranic-Britten, voice – translations into Old English and Norse provided by Rory Naismith and Brittany Schorn – binaural recordings by James Bull – Mixed by Henri Vaxby and Catherine Kontz for une cartouche – Map by Rowanne Anderson. With thanks to everyone who participated in “I can definitely hear it”. Availability:  £7.99 ( £5.00 special price of inaugural walks) from Noutefabrik Performances: Fleet Footing can be enjoyed by anyone any time they like to go on a London adventure, alone or with friends. Launch events as part of Tete-a-Tete the opera festival 2018: 28/29 July 2018 Inaugural walks in the company of the artists. Departing 14.00 in Hampstead Heath, Vale of Health 3rd August Inaugural walk in the company of the artists. Departing 17.00 in Hampstead Heath, Vale of Health 3rd August 2018, 19.00  – Happening at St Pancras Old Church