(2008) Opera (two fragments) 28 Minutes

Work Description

Produced by: DrawnForth} Opera Theatre
Category: Opera
Year Composed: 2008
Duration: 26 Mins (Prologue 10 min; Clytemnestra’s Approach 16 min)
Orchestration: cl., vl., bouzouki and two percussionists; Electra – Actress Clytemnestra – Soprano Chorus – SATB
Availability: Enquire
First performance:
– Tête-à-Tête Oper Festival 2008 at Riverside Studios, London as part of ‘Ingrained Deeds, Bird Seeds and other Granular Material on 07/08.08.08. With Veronique Nosbaum (Clytemnestra) and Sybilla Meienberg (Electra).
Conducted by Tom Shorter.
Libretto in English by Alexia Anastasiadis

Concept, Scenography and Costume by Ellan Parry
Music by Catherine Kontz

First extract: Prequel: The night of Agamemnon’s murder, the servants of the Mycenaean royal house hear screams and gather to talk among themselves.

First performance featured: Brigitte Beraha, Sara Underwood, Melanie Sanders, Louise Adamson, Kathleen Garner, Heidi Pinder, DJ Walde, Edmund Saddington, Danny Standing, Wasim Al-Zibari, Andrew Ballm and Philip Anastasiadis.

Second extract: Clytemnestra’s Approach: Electra has tricked Clytemnestra into coming alone to an isolated location, where she will be murdered. As Clytemnestra approaches in the distance, Electra waits.

First performances featuring: Sibylla Meienberg (Electra), Véronique Nosbaum (Clytemnestra).
Musicians include Henri Växby, Allison Rosser, Candida Caldicot-Bull and Troy Banarzi.