(2018) music theatre work in collaboration with Cathy Krier and Tobias Ribitzki, aimed at children (9-12 years)

Work Description


Commissioned by: Philharmonie Luxembourg
In collaboration with: Cathy Krier and Tobias Ribitzki
Published by: Noutefabrik
Category: Works 2-6 Players, Music theatre, Young Audiences
Year Composed: 2018
Duration: 55 min
Orchestration: violin, cello, piano plus one actress (Text by Tobias Ribitzki)
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First performance: 13.05.18 Salle de Musique de Chambre, Philharmonie Luxembourg

with Barbara von Münchhausen (actress), Cathy Krier (piano) Martin Henneken (cello) and Nicolas Koekert (violin)

Stage design and costumes by Florian Angerer

Other performances:

14.05.18 Salle de Musique de Chambre, Philharmonie Luxembourg

Photos by Sébastien Grébille