(2008) for Solo Electric Guitar – 9-23 Minutes

Work Description

Commissioned by: Rational Rec Written for: Henri Växby Category: Solo Works, Graphic Year Composed: 2008 Duration: 9-23 Minutes Orchestration: electric guitar and effects Notes on score: A1 Format. Self-Assembly. Availability: For Sale Performances: First performance: – Henri Växby at Rational Rec, London, 05.02.08 Other performances: – Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg, 19.06.08 (Henri Växby) Luxembourg House, London, 24.01.13 – Ad Hoc, London, 17.05.08 (Henri Växby)
 – A British Invasion, KokoTeatteri, Helsinki 24.05.08 (Henri Växby) – Exhibited as part of ‘Drawing Towards Sound – Visualising the Sonic’ curated by David Ryan at Greenwich Uni Galleries 2015 Notes Cahiers Trouvés is inspired by the Cahiers du Cinema and the French Nouvelle Vague films of the 1950s/1960s. The guitarist adds his own splash of colour to the score which allows to customise and adapt it to the set-up of pedals and sounds he wants to use. The score consists of a central line of pitches running down the ‘Champs Elysées’ framed by ‘buildings’ of musical structures, all of which are references to films by Godard, Truffaut and Malle amongst others. During his stroll up and down the avenue, which may take between 9 and 23 minutes, the player can also choose to ‘cross the road’ by using a so-called ‘ascenseur’. Released on 3” CD ‘Canvas – Catherine Kontz’ by the engraved glass label, September 2009 – performed by Henri Vaxby. (eg.02).