4 1/2 TATAMI

(2010) for solo electric violin (staged) – 7-10 Minutes

Work Description

Image: Four and a Half Tatami Score

Commissioned by: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2010
Written for: Monica Germino
Publisher: Noutefabrik
Category: Solo Works, Staged, Graphic
Year Composed: 2010
Duration: 7-10 minutes
Orchestration: Solo Electric Violin + Electronics
Availability: Available for Hire – Please send an email for more information.
Notes on score: Oversize Score 3m x 3m
First performance: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2010. A video of the performance available here.


The score of 4 ½ tatami is designed as a floor-map which creates a performance space measuring 9 m2 for the violinist. The dimensions are taken from Tatami mats which are a traditional type of Japanese flooring and emulate the structure of a tea-room. The work highlights the diverse sounds and techniques that can be used on electric violin. The physical movements and dramatic actions of the violinist determine not only the order of play of the different parts of the score, but also the triggering of sound effects by the sound engineer thus making the score an integral part of the performance.