une cartouche

Formed in 2003, une cartouche aka duo Kontz/Växby specialise in music for theatre and film. They also like exploring graphic scores, alternative notations and are active within the free improvisation scene using all sorts of pianos and organs as well as a whole palette of guitars and other stringed instruments. Une cartouche is in essence an extension of their avant-pop band French For Cartridge.

Performances and Collaborations include:

– performance with BJ Cole at Cafe Oto, London
– Carrigal a book/7″ disc collaboration between artists Harald Turek and Triona Ryan with Catherine Kontz – including the recording of a re-creation of a milking machine by une cartouche
– performance of graphic score Wollen Laces at Interlace
– performance of John Cage’s ‘Cartridge Music’ at the French For Cartridge Pop-Up Shop
– performance of Carrigal’s graphic scores at the French For Cartridge Pop-Up Shop
– performance at John Tilbury’s 70th Birthday Concert
– recording of The Funny Tailor – music for video project by dancer David Bellwood
– film music for Janice – a short film by Dorna Aslanzandeh
– remix of Sitting And Reading – by French For Cartridge
– performance at Happenings at the Space, London
– performance at the Toy archive at Museum of Childhood for Laura Trevail’s residency
– performance at Musenight at Rivington Gallery
– performance at Maddid’s Nordic Festival
– live music for theatre (composed and performed) – Gallathea – a play by Release The Hounds Company, London
– live music for theatre (composed and performed) – The Real Inspector Hound and Dogg’s Hamlet at The Space, London
– live music for theatre (composed and performed) – Master and the Margarita at The Space, London
– performance with Roby Glod at Dinner With Daisy Club Night at Jamboree, London
– performance of graphic scores at the Luxembourg House
– performance of Cardew, Crane, Parsons, Skempton, Kontz, Vaxby, Lely at ‘open ears’ at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki with John Lely
– music for short film – Damien Beaton, a meshes production
– new arrangements of Nordic folk songs performed at Chateau de Bourglinster, Luxembourg
– music for short film – We did our time by Maxi Pesch
– music for 1×5 Volume 3 – groundlift research/a Husky Hoskulds film