Neige, a new opera by Catherine kontz, is adapted from the eponymous novel and bestseller by French author Maxence Fermine. Under the baton of Gerry Cornelius and with a palette of carefully selected singers, including the legendary baritone Omar Ebrahim (Master Soseki), countertenor Rodrigo Ferreira (Yuko Akita) and bass Vincent Pavesi (Horoshi / Dignitary of the Court), this 80-minute poetic show performed at sold out shows at the Grand Theatre Luxembourg, resonated with a very diverse audience consisting of all ages, lovers of multidisciplinary theatre and classical opera. Alongside the five soloists, the opera included a choir of four treble voices, a tightrope walker and a dancer. A taiko drummer and a glass harmonica player added to the rich sound world created by Ensemble Lucilin.

Described as a Gesamtkunstwerk by the press, Neige tells the story of Yuko, a young haiku poet who embarks on a journey through the snow-capped mountains to learn from a blind painter about the art of color. Along the way, the tragic story of a samurai and a French tightrope walker named Neige sheds light on the fragile balance of life. In the end, Yuko’s research takes him far beyond his poetry of “devastating whiteness” in the heart of a magnificent fable of love, loss and life.

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Commissioned by: Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg
Published by: Noutefabrik
Category: Opera
Year Composed: 2013
Duration: 80 Minutes
Soloists: (Sop, Countertenor, 2 Bar, Bass), tightrope walker, dancer or Kabuki actor + SSAA choir.
Instrumentation: ghca, taiko drums, string quartet, db, fl/afl, cl/bcl, tmb, hn, prep. pf, 2 perc
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First performances:
– 19-20 December 2013, Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg
Please see the trailer above – and get in touch if you would like to see the video of the whole performance. Visit also the website dedicated to the opera.