Avant-popsters French For Cartridge call to action with their new album

Armed with their playful signature melodies, but this time with a darker undertone, the politically charged album The Golden Hour by French For Cartridge is an orchestral collaboration with the esteemed CHROMA Ensemble. This timely song cycle is an intricate body of work reflecting our turbulent times by weaving in topics of war, loss and the state of the environment.

The band has once again worked with Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer S. Husky Höskulds (Tom Waits, Mike Patton, My Brightest Diamond, Ornette Coleman etc.) who has enveloped the songs in his inimitable soundscapes. Taking the title track of “We Humans” (2013), with its orchestral textures, as a starting point, the palette has been extended to include strings, woodwind and brass together with a panoply of bells, noise guitars and keyboards. As both Catherine Kontz and Henri Växby have a background in contemporary classical music, their wish was to create a pop album that incorporates these elements by going beyond the usual cheesy Hollywood-strings and brings CHROMA Ensemble on par with the rest of the band.

In medical terms, the golden hour is the first hour after a traumatic injury, when emergency treatment is most likely to be successful. Stories about war and tragic accidents as well as climate change inform a lot of the lyrics of this album, and as such, French For Cartridge find it suitable to call for action on environmental issues at this hour, when the problem has been identified and there still is a chance to fix it. In photography, the golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer, which makes for dramatic skies and surreal cityscapes. As it appears both before sunset and sunrise, it can be seen as a metaphor and an indicator for either a negative or positive outcome.

A well kept secret, French For Cartridge has released 3 albums to date and steadily grown a small but loyal following and much love from the press:

“Pretty damn progressive! In an arch sort of way.” – Byron Coley/The Wire

“Weird and lovely” – Pigeons & Planes

“Still as different as ever, still as unique, still as good.” – Organ

“An early contender for sleeper hit of the year, fusing together mischief and inventiveness. The album branches out beyond the usual constrained art pop boundaries, flying out of the common room and landing smack bang into the exhibit hall.” – God Is In The TV on Liquorice

“It feels mystical and oddly haunting at the same time, like it’s telling a story in a language we can’t understand.” – GoldFlakePaint on Hot Air Balloon

“Cerebral composition with an infectious quality” – Clash

More information on the above events and as well as news about future live dates will be announced soon.  

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