SUMMER 2008 
Hello all,
I hope you are enjoying a great summer! If you are lucky enough to be somewhere sunny, you may enjoy counting the chirps of crickets to determine exactly how hot it is outside. (Count number of chirps in 14 seconds, then add 40 to get degrees in Fahrenheit. Count number of chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3 then add 4 to get degrees in Celsius). I find that this helps to set up a simple rule between the number of chirps and the amount of ice-cream necessary to cool you down.
If, on the other hand, you happen to be within London’s insect-freer zone next week, come and see my new theatrical project ‘Shadowplays‘ at the Riverside Studios. I am very excited about this collaboration with director Roswitha Gerlitz which has been taking shape in rehearsals and workshops over the last few weeks. We are turning Kurt Schwitter’s Schattenspiele into an operatic experiment which will be previewed at this year’s Tete-a-Tete opera festival in Hammersmith. For those of you who enjoyed ‘MiE’, ‘Neige’ or ‘Electra’, this is worth coming to see even if opera is not usually your cup of tea. There are two performances, next Thursday 13th and Friday 14th August at 20.30. As in previous years, there are many other performances to see at the festival so do check out the full programme on . An evening of three different performances will set you back £15. If you only come for our show (which will last about 1 hour), the ticket price is £6 (£4 conc.) . The cast/musicians for Shadowplays include Zoe Challenor, Constanza Ruff, Timothy Hamilton, Peter Willcock, Sebastian Ferrada Garramon, Terry Donovan, Rae Piper, Angharad Davies, Scott Lygate as well as artistic and technical support from Francisca Bancalari, Geir Hytten, Ellan Parry, Eva Auster, Daphne Remoundou, Keiko Sumida, Emma Byrne and Valentina Ceschi. It would be lovely to see you there! More details below.
Also, Henri and I have been recording a new album with our band French For Cartridge and the first single is now available on 7” vinyl on Dinner With Daisy Records. Mixed by Husky Hoskulds (Tom Waits, Fantomas etc), the single features ‘Oooh!’ on one side and ‘Picture Negative’ on the other and comes with a download code that gives you an extra track.
We very much like the way it sounds and hope you do too! You can order it directly from us (for £3.50 + postage) by following this link  or if you have thrown out your record player a long time ago, then you might just want to download it from iTunes. For more information and to have a look at the superb video for Oooh! by Riccardo Arena go to . Stay tuned for live dates from September with a UK tour to support the release of the album in October/November and some European dates in December.
Shadowplays at the Tete-a-Tete Opera Festival
Thursday 13th and Friday 14th August at 20.30
Directed/devised by Roswitha Gerlitz
Music by Catherine Kontz
Riverside Studios
Crisp Road
London W6 9RL
Box Office: 0208 237 1111