A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.
(Emily Dickinson)
Dear all,
The last few months have been busy and creative and I have a few exciting events coming up this spring.
Pianist Kate Ryder will be performing ‘Siegfried & Melusina’, my new work for toy pianos, shadow puppetry and a musical box as part of The Space Enterprise Festival/KATE RYDER: TOY PIANOS INC in London this Saturday, 12th April as well as on Sunday 4th May. You should not miss this opportunity to hear a great variety of newly commissioned pieces on Kate’s wonderful array of little pianos. Ellan Parry has designed the beautiful puppets for my piece. My little Jaymar and I will also join Kate for a performance of Cage’s rarely performed Music for Amplified Toy Pianos on both occasions. With drinks and great food available upstairs at the Space’s bar/restaurant, the Isle of Dogs seems like a great place to spend part of your weekend. This is also something that children might really enjoy to see. More details below.
the British target Helsinki
I am very excited about a series of lecture-recitals and concerts curated by Henri Vaxby, John Lely and myself in Helsinki, 22nd-24th May. We will present British experimental music from the 60s to the present day in a visit to Tölö Gymnasium and a club-night organised together with the Korvat Auki (Open Ears) organisation of composers held at the Sibelius Academy. ‘A British Invasion’ will culminate in a concert at Koko Teatteri on Saturday, 24th May. More details below.
an ad hoc organisation is formed
Ad hoc returns with an event in Camberwell on Saturday, 17th May. Henri Vaxby will perform Cahiers Trouvés, my graphic score for solo electric guitar which was commissioned earlier this year for Rational Rec. This is always a nicely social evening where young composers and performers can showcase their work within a friendly atmosphere.
a carefully chosen delegation travels to Luxembourg
Finally, something for my friends in Luxembourg. I have been commissioned by the Banque centrale de Luxembourg to write a new work which will be premiered at the presentation of the annual budget on 17th June. I am writing, for this occasion, for violin, guitar, harp and tabla and I am very excited to be working with excellent musicians Angharad Davies (violin), Rhodri Davies (harp), Ansuman Biswas (tabla and hang) and Henri Vaxby (guitars) who will be travelling with me to the Grand Duchy. Unfortunately this concert is by invitation only.
However, there is another concert of improvised and experimental music that we are giving on Thursday, 19th June at the Galerie Nosbaum & Reding in Luxembourg-City. I will post more details on my website and myspace page as and when I have them. It is possible that there may be other events as we are planning to set up camp in my parents’ house for a week.
the manufacture of revolutionary cArtridge material
And last but not least, Henri and I have been busy writing and arranging new material for cArtridge. We are working on a new record which should be out in the Autumn. On 29th April we will play in Bristol (Tiny Radio at the Blue Lagoon Nights). We are waiting to confirm some more dates so keep checking www.myspace.com/cartridge if you are interested in seeing us live. 
That’s about it! You can find more details for all of these events below here. For more information and additions/changes/updates please check my website www.catherinekontz.com and www.myspace.com/catherinekontz which will always have the latest news. I don’t send reminders for events, so do make a note now if anything interests you.
I wish you all a fun spring with April showers to bring us May flowers and a little sun in June. 
Saturday 12th April 7.30 pm and Sunday, 4th May at 6.00 pm
Toy pianos, prepared piano, music boxes, DVD, and shadow puppets
Ever since John Cage, composers have been fascinated by Toy Pianos and have written extensively for them. Kate Ryder explores a fascinating Lilliput world with her collection of little pianos dating from 1904 to the present day. This unique event also features shadow puppets, music boxes, DVD and prepared piano as interpreted by an international spectrum of composers – John Cage, Kyle Gann, Stephen Montague, Roger Redgate and Errollyn Wallen, with exclusive premieres by Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Simon Katan, Catherine Kontz and John Lely. Kate is also joined by friends for a performance of Cage’s rarely performed Music for Amplified Toy Pianos
Tickets: £8 £6 concessions
Prebook or on the door
puppets by Ellan Parry www.ellanparry.co.uk
020 7515 7799  –  www.space.org.uk
A British Invasion
concert of British experimental music from the 60s to the present day
presented by Henri Vaxby, John Lely, Catherine Kontz.
Saturday 24.05.08
Koko Teatteri
Unioninkatu 45
starts 7.30 pm
Tickets 8 €, (5€ conc.) 
Ad Hoc 2008 – May 17th, 8pm, Synergy Centre, Camberwell.
Another line up of vocal, theatrical and instrumental works being premiered this evening.
The program includes
Laura Moody – an eclectic and explosive mixture of cello and voice
Betsy and her voices present a new work devised around the idea of REM sleep patterns
Raymond Hardy presents a brand new female vocal trio and solo piece
Morag Galloway, in collaboration with Ian MacDonald present the world premiere of ‘Exercise In Futility’, an exciting and thought provoking piece of music theatre.
Angharad Davies will perform Henri Vaxby’s new work for solo violin and voice.
Henri Vaxby performs Cahiers Trouvés, a graphic score by Catherine Kontz based on French Nouvelle Vague.
suggested donation of £8 and £6 on the door
Everyone can/needs to bring his own drink as we can’t run a bar there…
Angharad Davies, Ansuman Biswas, Catherine Kontz, Henri Vaxby and Rhodri Davies in Luxembourg
Tuesday 17th June
Premiere of new work commissioned by the Banque centrale du Luxembourg. By invitation only.
Thursday 19th June
Experimental scores and free improv at
Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Art Contemporain
4 rue Wiltheim, L-2733 Luxembourg
Next Gig: Tuesday 29th April
Tiny Radio at Blue Lagoon Nights, Bristol
MiE released on DVD!!!
Available now from www.catherinekontz.com.
MiE is a contemporary music theatre work by Catherine Kontz. Drawing on inspirations ranging from Japanese Kabuki theatre to Lynchean cinema, this ‘opera without voices’ enhances the musical text by integrating visual devices in order to narrate the story of its main characters – Mie and MrO.
Featuring thirty-nine musicians, six mimes, an acrobat and a wizard, the combination of music and theatrical elements in MiE opens experimental music to new audiences.
This performance of MiE was captured on film at The Space theatre in London during the six sold-out shows of its first run in November 2006.
Featuring Alasdair Malloy on glass harmonica – conducted by Emily Wilkins – scenography and costume design by Ellan Parry – lighting design by Kristina Hjelm – filmed by David Reid and Jonathan Watts – created, composed and directed by Catherine Kontz