Philharmonie Luxembourg – large new work for massed instruments/ Rainy Days Festival

Rosie Middleton – 12 HOURS – a 12 hour endurance work for voice and electronics


Jenni Hogan – Monodrama for flautist

Kauffmann/Schwall – Collection of works for  Soprano Saxophone and cello inspired by Vivaldi’s violin sonatas for the Bridges Project

The Manna Treshold – Collaboration with Roswitha Gerlitz


RADA London – The Philosophy Shop  – theatre installation – music and direction

Arzu & Gamze Kirtil – Work for piano four hands – Küçuk Ev

Tête-à-Tête Opera – Popup-opera – collaboration with Emmylou Växby – Hand Clap

Larisa Faber Stark Bollock Naked – music for theatre

Eleni Tasousaki – work for harp – The Forager


Philharmonie Luxembourg – Clara! – Kompositionsreise mit Musik von Clara Schumann und Catherine Kontz (staged concert in collaboration with Cathy Krier and Tobias Ribitzki aimed at children aged 7-12)

ArtCatcher  Molly & Monroe  – a chamber musical

Ensemble Lucilin – Snakes & Ladders for HCMF18


Philharmonie Luxembourg/Rainy Days 2017 (with Exaudi) Il Floridoro -canto 4, for Vocal Ensemble, 9 min

COMA – The Partsong Book Project Cocktail Hour a short vocal ensemble work, 3-6 voices

Eira Lynn Jones – massed harps piece for young harpists


Philharmonie Luxembourg/Rainy Days (with ensemble recherche)

Cid-Fraen an Gender – Meerfahrt mit Don Quichotte, 30 minute piano cycle

Cid-Fraen an Gender – … und um die Holzbank duftete der Flieder for soprano and piano (projet Helen Buchholtz)

Orgelbuechlein Project in association with Luxembourg Embassy in London – Wär’ Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit for organ solo
Tete-a-tete opera festival – Bon Voyage!, an opera happening
Juliet Fraser – Tea Break for Juliet for voice (taped)
Cid-Fraen an Gender/Festival Musiciennes à Ouessant – Moselträume, arrangement of Lou Koster’s Moseltraume
Cid-Fraen an Gender/Festival Musiciennes à Ouessant – Le joueur de vièle based on Der Geiger von Echternach
Cid-Fraen an Gender/Festival Musiciennes à Ouessant – Traum Projet Lou Koster
Centre for Planetary Science at UCL/Birkbeck – Pluto and Charon – A Planetary Waltz for piano 4 hands (co-composed with Minna Orvokki Nygren)

Philharmonie Luxembourg/Rainy Days (Cathy Krier and friends/Philharmonie 10 year Anniversary festival) – dramaturgy staged concert

opderschmelz/Touch of Noir Festival – Like a Moth to the Light for piano solo (staged)
European Concert Hall Organisation – Papillon for choir
Cid Fraen an Gender – Pantomime for tenor voice and piano (projet Lou Koster)
Spitalfields Music Summer Festival/Magnitude Music – Sea Sponges for ensemble
Tomoko Kiba – Kartenspiel for solo violin

Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg – 75 min chamber opera – Neige
Philharmonie Luxembourg/Rainy Days 2013 (with Lucilin) – The Moon Moves Slowly But It Crosses the Town for ensemble

Noisewatchers – Somnus (fl, vcl, piano)

Ensemble Lucilin – Iceland Spar for small ensemble
Sebastian Lexer – Aboard Airship 245 for piano +

Huddersfield Contemporary Music festival – 4 1/2 Tatami for solo violin
Shorter House – In Your Father’s Care for treble voices
Danny Standing – Larvae for solo baritone voice

Mistress of Time/Roswitha Gerlitz – Shadowplays

Rational Rec. – Cahiers Trouvés guitar piece
Chetham’s School of Music/Harp Days/Eira Lynn Jones – Flyways for massed harps
Kate Ryder – Siegfried & Melusina for toy pianos
Banque Centrale de Luxembourg – Salmon Stories for ensemble

BJ Cole – Sudoku Trilogy for pedal steel guitar
tongue stuff – Spannen for vocal ensemble
Huddersfield Contemporary Music festival – Anthill for ten harps
opderschmelz/CNA – Neige (petite) for soprano and piano

Rhodri Davies – Tea Ceremony for solo harp