Catherine Kontz (b. 1976) is a London-based composer whose works explore nonlinear form, visual/spatial elements, and musical theatricality.

Orchestral works include The Waves (Solistes Européens Luxembourg) and Fruitmarket (BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra), as well as the forthcoming 45 minute Voix des Terres Rouges for choir and large orchestra, commissioned by the Orchestre national de Metz as part of the European capital of Culture program for Esch22.

Her work is performed internationally by musicians such as ensemble recherche, Exaudi, Lucilin, Shoal, Arzu & Gamze Kirtil, Monica Germino, Cathy Krier, Naomi Woo, Jenni Hogan and Rhodri Davies to name a few.  A newly commissioned large-scale live promenade piece, Driwwer Drënner Drop, will be performed by 100+ young musicians as part of Rainy Days/Philharmonie Luxembourg 2021.

Catherine Kontz has extensively worked within the world of new opera: notable commissions and multimedia productions include Neige at Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg and The Philosophy Shop at RADA, which she  composed and directed, plus regular appearances at the Tête-à-Tête opera festival. Fleet Footing, a psycho-geographical sound-walk and collaboration with S.L. Grange, was shortlisted for the Quattropole Music Prize, as was 12 HOURS, an innovative marathon for voice and electronics, created for mezzo-soprano Rosie Middleton.

Catherine Kontz is currently an artist-in-residence in the Department of Engineering at King’s College London. In collaboration with Zoran Cvetkovic, Professor of Signal Processing, she is working on a collaborative project exploring the potential of audio technologies and human processes of intelligence.

Catherine Kontz first studied piano at the Conservatoire in her native Luxembourg with Michèle Ries, and later in London with John Tilbury. In 2008 she received a Doctorate in Composition from GOLDSMITHS, supervised by Roger Redgate. Her research related Deleuzian theory to mime opera, the cinema of David Lynch, and the Japanese art of Kabuki and culminated with the creation of the groundbreaking music theatre work, MiE, which enjoyed a run of six sold out London performances.

She can also be seen co-fronting avant-pop band French For Cartridge and is one half of experimental duo une cartouche. She likes bright colours, bold clashes, a bit of dissonance and looks to catch a few beautiful moments on her way.

Catherine Kontz is supported by PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music for her current collaboration FLEET FOOTING with writer Sarah Grange 

Composer Discography/Bibliography:

Catherine Kontz Tea Break For Juliet Dinner With Daisy Records (DD) Now For Norbert Label 2017
Catherine Kontz Wär Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit as part of Orgelbüchlein CD 2016
Catherine Kontz Canvas (featuring T-tree and Cahiers Trouvés) – 3”CD engraved glass label 2009
Catherine Kontz – MiE (mime opera 75 min ) (DVD) 2007

Cartridge – Cases (CD) Cartridge Music 2005
French For Cartridge – Oooh! PIcture Negative (7”) Dinner With Daisy Records 2009
French For Cartridge Liquorice (CD)(LP)(DD) Dinner With Daisy Records 2010
French For Cartridge – We Humans (CD) (DD) Dinner With Daisy Records 2013
French For Cartridge – Kids EP (DD) Dinner With Daisy Records 2013
French For Cartridge – Piff Paff Pow/Boxes (7”) Dinner With Daisy Records 2013
French For Cartridge – The Golden Hour (DD) Dinner With Daisy Records 2016

Woodchuck ‘Crash Positions’ single 2002 (Bedroom Emperor Records)

Icons of Elegance ‘Through the Broken Window’ (Rubato Music 2006)
Icons of Elegance ‘It’s Gold’ single (Rubato Music)
Icons of Elegance ‘Ether Talk’ (Aah Records 2004)

In Your Father’s Care published as part of Choral Anthology Sleep, Holy Babe – Lullabies for Christmas (Shorter House, London) – 2010
Also available on its own.
Papillon published as part of the Choral Anthology “Body of Songs” by Faber Music – 2014

Cocktail Hour published as part of the CoMA Partsong Book. – 2018